Must Have Tools for Your Kitchen

Today, I’ll share some Must Have Tools for Your Kitchen, I personally use them in my kitchen, and every kitchen should have these essential tools. You can find all these tools in my Shop. I love making yummy food every day! In the morning, I make breakfast for my husband and snacks for my kids. The Kid is the only one still in school. When the kitchen is free and everything is ready, my magical cooking time begins. It’s my favorite part of the day. I look for new recipes, pick one, gather ingredients and tools, and start cooking!

10 Must Have Tools for Your Kitchen

Mixing Bowls

Mixing Bowls I will start with mixing bowls, In my kitchen, mixing bowls are like superheroes. They help me make yummy food in many ways. Mixing bowls hold ingredients and let me mix, marinate, and toss things for my recipes. I use different sizes for different jobs, like making dressings in a small bowl or mixing salads in a big one. Keeping things organized is important in cooking, and mixing bowls helps with that as well. With my set of bowls, I can get everything ready and have a fun time cooking. Plus, they’re easy to clean and strong, so I can use them every day.

Special Moroccan Teapot

I got this amazing teapot because I really love Moroccan mint tea, and I make it like every day. It’s a must-have in my breakfast routine. To make the tea just right in the traditional Moroccan way, I needed a Moroccan teapot. So, I bought one from Amazon. It’s awesome and makes my tea look perfect.

Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife The chef’s knife is like a best friend in my kitchen. It’s not just for cutting, it’s a super important tool that does a lot of jobs really well. Every day, when I’m cooking, the chef’s knife is the star. Its sharp blade helps me cut through veggies, meat, and herbs super easily. I So, the chef’s knife is not just a tool, it’s a kitchen buddy that makes cooking easier, faster, and safer. If you enjoy cooking, having a good chef’s knife is a must! I use the PAUDIN brand, and until now this knife is doing very very well and has done the work smoothly.

Non-Stick Skillet

Non-Stick Skillet Every day when I cook, the non-stick skillet is a very important tool needed in my kitchen. It’s not sticky, I needed a lot when I tried some Baked salmon recipes or some pancakes, so things like eggs and delicate fish slide around easily without needing a lot of oil. This makes cooking healthier and faster.

Baking sheets and pans

Baking sheets and pans Baking sheets and pans are essential for making tasty treats in the oven. Sheets are flat, like big trays, and pans are a bit deeper. They’re both great for baking cookies, cakes, and lots of yummy stuff. If you like baking, having good sheets or pans is really important! making it one of the Must Have Tools for Your Kitchen.

Can Opener

Can Opener The can opener may seem simple, but it’s super important in my kitchen. It quietly helps me open cans and makes cooking easier and more fun. Every day, when I’m cooking, the can opener is like a trustworthy friend. It makes it easy for me to use all kinds of canned foods. Even though it looks basic, it turns regular ingredients into stars in different recipes. Whether it’s tomatoes for sauces or beans for yummy Beef stews.


Blender Don’t tell me that blenders are not a Must Have Tools for Your Kitchen, This Blender is an amazing tool that can do a lot of cool things. It’s awesome because it can easily mix, blend, and make things super smooth, opening the door to tons of delicious recipes. It makes flavors come together easily, turning fruits, veggies, and even ice into smooth and tasty treats. From yummy smoothies to creamy soups, the blender can make it all because of its strong motor and sharp blades.

Silicon spatula

Silicon spatula This silicone spatula it’s super useful and can do a lot of different things. It’s important because it can handle all kinds of cooking tasks with ease and precision. It’s really good at gently stirring, scraping, and folding ingredients. Because it’s flexible and can handle heat, it’s perfect for delicate tasks like folding egg whites into batter or smoothly scraping the sides of a mixing bowl.

Mandolin slicer

Mandolin slicer In my everyday cooking routine, the mandolin slicer is my slicing expert, especially when I need to be really precise. Its adjustable blades and different cutting options help me get slices that are the same thickness, which can be tricky with regular knives. Whether I’m making a salad with thin cucumber slices or perfectly cut potatoes for gratins, the mandolin slicer adds a special touch of precision that makes my dishes look even better.

Digital thermometer

You will notice in a lot of my recipes I use a Digital thermometer It’s really good at telling me the exact temperature when I’m cooking. This is super important, especially for things like meat and baked goods, so they turn out just right. It quickly tells me the temperature inside the food, so I know if it’s cooked perfectly and safe to eat. Its clear digital display makes it easy for me to get accurate readings, ensuring my meals are delicious and safe. So those are my must-have kitchen tools! With these, my cooking process is super easy and fun. every tool I use you can get easily on Amzon just click the links, Or you can visit my Shop. Just a heads up, there are some affiliate links in this post. If you decide to purchase something through one of these links, I’ll earn a small commission (but it won’t cost you anything extra). This is how we keep Mama’s Happy Kitchen up and running, so a big thanks for your support!

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