Cajun Shrimp Scampi Recipe

I enjoy making shrimp with noodles or rice dishes, like Shrimp Pad Thai. This Cajun Shrimp Scampi is almost as delicious as my other shrimp dishes but with the awesome taste of Cajun seasoning. This recipe is perfect if you love the tasty mix of scampi and bold Cajun seasoning. So If you like seafood and the spicy twist of Cajun spices, you will not regret trying it. The juicy shrimp, garlic sauce and Cajun kick mix together to create this delicious juicy dish.

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Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes

Easy Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes Recipe

Today I will make a Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes! These pancakes are super healthy, made from plants, and are great for health fans, vegans, or anyone who wants a nutritious meal to start their day. Who Should Make These and Why? If you’re looking for a healthy and protein-filled breakfast, this recipe is perfect for you. It’s especially great for vegans and people with specific diets because it’s all made from plants. Bananas make it naturally sweet and creamy, and the protein keeps you feeling full and focused all day.

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5 Ingredient Baked Cajun Parmesan Salmon Recipe

It’s time to make another Baked Salmon recipe Baked, Today I’m Making Baked Cajun Parmesan Salmon. This dish is a tasty mix of yummy salmon, spicy Cajun seasoning, and cheesy Parmesan fun. Doesn’t that sound great? The best part only takes 5 ingredients to make, these ingredients are so easy to have, Also the recipe takes only 30 minutes, Yes that’s right, in just 30 minutes you will have this delicious Baked Cajun Parmesan Salmon on your table so you can enjoy it.

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