Perfect for those who crave a taste of the Mediterranean, this savory Spanakopita (spinach feta filo pie) combines the richness of spinach and feta cheese encased in layers of crispy, golden phyllo pastry. Complete with essential tips to avoid soggy filo dough. Whether you're hosting a family dinner or looking for a comforting meal, this recipe promises to bring the flavors and charm of Greek cooking right to your table. #SpinachFetaFiloPie #PhylloPastry #VegetarianDelight

Greek Spinach Feta Filo Pie (Spanakopita Recipe)

The first time I had Spanakopita (spinach feta filo pie) was in a local 24/7 diner that was owned by a Greek family. I was trying out a gluten-free diet at the time. This pie is not gluten-free, but was the closest thing on the menu other than a salad. Well, I fell in love with it. I went through this entire phase of buying different frozen Spanakopita at the grocery store and making my own. I think I perfected it!

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My Grilled Zucchini with Feta and Mint recipe is a delightful fusion of garden-fresh zucchini, creamy feta, and aromatic mint. Quick and easy delight, requiring just 15 minutes of prep time and a mere 5 minutes of cooking, totaling 30 minutes from start to finish. The grilled zucchini slices form a perfect canvas for the rich, tangy blend of cream cheese, crumbled feta, yogurt, and mayonnaise, with a touch of mint. Ideal for a light lunch, a side dish, or even as an elegant appetizer.

Delicious Grilled Zucchini with Feta Cheese and Mint Recipe

Let’s throw down some of our harvest bounty with this grilled zucchini with feta and mint recipe that came together last minute, as I had a bunch of random ingredients and nothing to go with some chicken patties that I had planned for dinner. I had a zuke sitting on my counter from the farmer’s market, and some feta that was going to go bad if I didn’t use it up. And voil√† (queue my French accent right there), a new fav is born. It has a hint of the Mediterranean with its minty flavor.

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