5 Moroccan Christmas Foods Recipes

Morocco is a special country known for its cool traditions and yummy food. When it’s Christmas time in Morocco, they have a big party with delicious food that’s been a part of their celebrations for a long time. We’re going to learn about five tasty Moroccan Christmas foods that make their holiday extra fun!

Moroccan Christmas Foods: Tagine

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Tagine is a yummy dish from Morocco. It’s like a stew made with tasty meat, veggies, and lots of spices. People in Morocco love to have it during Christmas. It’s like the superstar of their holiday meal. Check our Tajine with Chicken recipe

Moroccan Christmas Foods: Mechoui

Moroccan Mechoui

Moroccan Mechoui is another delicious dish during Moroccan Christmas. They marinate the lamb with spices and add yummy dried fruits. It’s cooked just right, making it a tasty centerpiece for a special meal. Check the recipe Imagine a pie with layers of pastry, filled with chicken, almonds, and spices – that’s pastilla! It’s a super yummy tradition during Moroccan Christmas that makes everyone feel warm and joyful.

Moroccan Christmas Cookies and Sweets

Moroccan Christmas is like a sweet wonderland! They have cookies and sweets that are incredibly tasty. From honey cookies to almond treats, it’s all about sweetness and joy during this festive time.

Moroccan Christmas Foods: Mint Tea

Moroccan mint green tea Imagine a refreshing drink made with green tea and fresh mint – that’s Moroccan mint tea! It’s loved by everyone in Morocco, especially during Christmas. It’s a sign of being friendly and spending happy times together during the holidays. check the recipe.


Moroccan Christmas food is like a magic spell that makes families and friends come together to celebrate and make happy memories. The different tastes, textures, and smells of these foods show what Christmas feels like in Morocco. When you prepare your holiday meal, adding a Moroccan dish can make your celebration even more joyful and special.

5 Questions About Moroccan Christmas Food

Is Moroccan Christmas food spicy?

Nope! It’s just full of amazing flavors from special spices. It’s not too spicy.

Why is tagine important for Moroccan Christmas?

Tagine is like the star of the show! It’s special and brings everyone close, just like the holiday spirit. Sharing tagine during Christmas is a big deal and makes the day feel really happy.

Are there yummy options for vegetarians during Moroccan Christmas?

Absolutely! Moroccan cuisine has lots of tasty dishes with no meat, like veggie tagine, couscous with veggies, and stuffed bell peppers. Perfect for a vegetarian Christmas feast!

How can I make Moroccan Christmas cookies at home?

Making these cookies is so much fun! You’ll need almonds, honey, sesame seeds, and spices. Find a recipe online and enjoy baking!

Where can I see a real Moroccan Christmas celebration?

To see how Moroccans celebrate Christmas, you can visit Morocco during the holiday season. I was there last year during the Holidays season, and believe me, it was one of the most enjoyable times in my life, their people are so welcome and sweet and the food during this time is so delicious You’ll get to taste amazing Moroccan Christmas food and feel the festive joy in the air.

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