This Healthy New England Baked Scrod with Saltines recipe is perfect for those evenings when you want something special without spending hours in the kitchen. I use an old-school saltine cracker crust, but you can use any kind of topping: oyster crackers, Ritz, or, hold your hats, Cheerios. Yes, Cheerios! It sounds wild, but it works. A quick mix, a spread, a sprinkle, and into the oven it goes. Before you know it, you're pulling out a bubbling, aromatic dish that's sure to impress.

Healthy New England Baked Scrod with Saltines (Recipe)

I recently finished The Evil Inside by Heather Graham. There is one scene where Jenna, the protagonist, orders New England Baked Scrod in a restaurant in Salem, so my culinary dish today features Massachusetts (where I grew up) with this healthy New England Baked Scrod with Saltines. I hope you like my version, which uses mayonnaise and saltines to coat the fish. This dish pairs beautifully with a light, crisp white wine and a side salad, to make the perfectly balanced, healthy meal.

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Growing up in Massachusetts, we had a kind of ritual every Friday during Lent: cod. Cod's not just any fish; it has a mild taste that makes it a winner for those who aren’t too keen on strong fishy flavors. Perfect for classics like fish and chips! Now, when it comes to picking the freshest cod at the market, there's one thing you should ask yourself: should cod smelly fishy? A fresh piece of cod should have a subtle, clean scent – a telltale sign of its quality and freshness.

Should Cod Smell Fishy? Plus, 30+ Recipes Ideas

Growing up in Massachusetts, we had cod every Friday during Lent. Us Massachusettsians love cod so much that we named a peninsula after the fish. There are many reasons to love cod, one being that it is not an overly fishy fish. Perfect for fish and chips, too! But, how do you know that it is fresh by the smell? Should cod smell fishy? The answer is NO. A fresh piece of cod should have a subtle, clean scent – a telltale sign of its quality and freshness.

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10 Minutes Tuyo Dried Fish Recipe

Tuyo dried fish is a special classic dish of Filipino cooking. A long time ago, people found a smart way to keep fish fresh for a long time. They would cover small, shiny fish in salt and let them dry in the sun. This made the fish super tasty and gave them a unique flavor that everyone in the Philippines loves. Making Tuyo dried fish is really easy and fast! It only takes 10 minutes, and then you can enjoy a simple and classic fish meal whenever you want. Super quick and delicious.

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Smoked Mahi Mahi Recipe

My 8 year old kid isn’t a big fan of fish dishes, but the one meal he enjoys is baked or smoked salmon. I usually make baked salmon for him at least once a week. However, I’ve heard many people talking about how tasty Mahi Mahi is. So, this time, I thought, why not give Smoked Mahi Mahi a try instead of our usual baked salmon?

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