Blue Gatorade Shot

What is Blue Gatorade Shot?

The Blue Gatorade Shot is a super cool and tasty drink. It's made by mixing blue Gatorade with strong vodka and a bit of Blue Curacao. This drink is not only colorful but also makes you feel energized. So, if you want to try something different from yout regular drinks and mix different flavors in one little glass, the Blue Gatorade Shot is great to have!


Blue Gatorade (8 oz) Vodka (2 oz) Blue Curacao (1 oz) Ice cubes


Put your little glasses in the freezer. Cold glasses make your drink extra refreshing!


Pour the blue Gatorade, vodka, and Blue Curacao on the ice. Close the cup tight and shake it for about 15 seconds. This makes the flavors mix well and gives it a super cool chill.